What is ITS?

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Written by Dawn Owens

ITS stands for Information Technology and Systems. ITS is one of the most popular business school degrees and it combines technology, science, and business education. ITS, also known as MIS, takes you into the world of Management Information Systems. Most importantly, you will learn about the function of information systems and real-world business applications.

An ITS degree can lead to many careers such as – Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Information Security Specialist, or Software Developer to name a few.

What’s the difference between ITS and CS (computer science)?

ITS is the only major that focuses on both business processes and information systems and technology.

An Information Technology and Systems career is the bridge between business and computer science. ITS emphasizes people, processes, and technology. ITS is about utilizing information systems and information technology to solve business problems.

To adequately solve those problems, you need both an understanding of business and technology. A degree in ITS offers job pliancy and limitless prospects for career and personal growth.

Traits of ITS Professionals

Information Technology and Systems brings people in with a lot of different profiles. Though, there are some traits we’ve found to make great ITS professionals. Do any of these describe you?

ITS professionals:

  • Are good problem solvers
  • Like to work with people
  • Can think strategically about technology
  • Can bridge both technology and business
  • Can see both details and the big picture
  • Are excellent communicators

Why should I major in ITS?

ITS students study information systems and their use in business and other organizations. They learn about data, databases, networks, computer security, and more.

Other contributing factors include:

High placement rate, high salaries, and job satisfaction

According to the IS Job index of 2017, students have a 74% job placement rate at graduation. Also, their average salary is $62,820 with an 81% job satisfaction rate.


ITS students are intelligent and dynamic people who work well with both people and technology.


The rapid rate of change in information technology and systems provides professionals with continuous opportunities to learn and grow.

Comparable ITS Degrees

ITS focuses on the study of MIS, Management Information Systems. In other national universities, the BS ITS degree could compare to a BS in MIS. Read more about MIS.

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Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Information Systems?

BS Information Technology & Systems

bachelor's undergraduate degree icon

The Bachelor’s in Information Technology and Systems (ITS) program is a unique blend of technical and business curriculum. This STEM designated degree program provides students with practical and theoretical training in information technology. Graduates from the program are in high demand because of their diverse technical skill set and their ability to understand how technology affects business processes.


MS Business Analytics

computer icon

The Master’s in Business Analytics program (BUAN) is a 36 semester credit hour STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) designated degree program. This highly-ranked program provides students with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to pursue careers involving a wide variety of data science, data engineering, and data analytics roles within a number of business domains.

MS BUAN Options

MS Information Technology & Management

laptop tablet phone icon

The Master’s in Information Technology and Management (ITM) program is a 36 semester credit hour STEM designated degree program ranked 17th in the US by US News and World Report. The MS ITM degree prepares students for careers as IT professionals working in a variety of industries and roles. The program features a state of the art curriculum, online or class room delivery options, and the ability to complete the degree on a full-time or part time basis.


PhD Concentration in Information Systems

Develop strong research skills that are especially relevant for students interested in an academic career. Research seminars are held regularly, and each year the Information Systems area sponsors a speaker series to bring researchers from other universities to UT Dallas.

PhD in Management Science, Information Systems Concentration