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The Bachelor’s in Information Technology and Systems requires 120 semester credit hours to complete the program. For the latest information about Academic Degree Plans, Course Catalogs and Course Information please visit the Bachelor’s in Information Technology and Systems page of the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for the most updated curriculum details.

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Degree Plan Highlights – BS in Information Technology and Systems

“SCH” indicates “Semester Credit Hours.”


Core Curriculum Requirements*

42 semester credit hours

75-78 SCH

Major Requirements*

75-78 semester credit hours


Elective Requirements

0-3 semester credit hours


Time to Completion

4 years full time

*These details apply to the 2020 catalog. Catalogs from previous years are available online at the main UT Dallas Catalog page. Please contact the JSOM Academic Advising Office if you have further questions. See catalog for course requirements.


See Information Technology and Systems in the UT Dallas catalog for course requirements for each track.

The Business Intelligence and Analytics track is recommended for students interested in in managing and analyzing large-scale data to develop sound business strategies. See Business Intelligence and Analytics track courses in the catalog listing.

The Enterprise Systems track is recommended for students interested in developing and managing large-scale applications and IT infrastructure. See Enterprise Systems track courses in the catalog listing.

The General track provides students the flexibility to customize a track. They can choose from a wide range of topics which include cybersecurity, mobile application development, and web development. See General track courses in the catalog listing.

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ITS Capstone Course

In the ITS Capstone course, ITS students work in teams to apply the skills and concepts they have learned in the program to address a business need. Their ability to apply what they have learned in the past and explore new things drives the success of the project. Students must work together and hold each other accountable.

Students apply the following skills and techniques that they have learned in the program:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design – software development methodologies and modeling (SDLC, UML)
  • Database Fundamentals – relational databases, ERDs, SQL (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Network and Information Security – networking and security protocols
  • IT Infrastructure – IT architecture
  • Business Intelligence – data analytics and business intelligence, ETL, data warehouses (MS SQL Server, Tableau, R)
  • Programming – programming fundamentals (Java, Python)

Student Testimonials

Preetha Venkatesh

Preetha Venkatesh, BS’20

Intern (completed), The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation

As an ITS major, I have taken both business-intensive and technology-intensive courses. I am also thankful for the thorough support and guidance of the faculty. 
Ashwin Vaithianathan

Ashwin Vaithianathan, BS’19

As a transfer student, I reached out to the ITS Department at UTD, and they were always willing to help me with any questions and concerns that I had. 
Ann Mathew

Ann Mathew, BS’18

Staff Consultant, A-Lign

ITS is the perfect balance of technical skills and management skills, and a degree from JSOM equips you with the technical skill set you need to stay one step ahead in today’s fast-paced world. 
Jonathan Niere

Jonathan Niere, BS’17

Consulting Staff, Moss Adams

The most valuable aspects of the ITS program at UT Dallas are its quality education and curriculum. 
Adam Perry

Adam Perry, BS’18

Sr. Account Systems Engineer, Dell EMC

As a full-time IT professional with more than 20 years of experience, I have a unique perspective compared to most undergraduate students. 
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